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Information system Obchodník

Obchodník is an information system that is ideal for retail businesses, warehouses and small or medium-sized plants. The implementation of the system Obchodník makes the work on every position in the company more precise and effective. It simplifies and speeds up the work of low-level workers that includes records concerning the purchase of goods, storage and sales. As for the management, the system provides information and data for both daily and long-term strategic decisions.

Obchodník – variable solution

Obchodník is implementation software that enables customization to the particular requirements of the users. It can be used in individual establishments or in the network of establishments at different levels that are managed from the main office. As far as the fields are concerned, the system is neutral and when the choice of cash registers, scales and machines for dispatching etc. is good, it can be implemented in any retail business, warehouse or plant. The system Obchodník has a modular structure. The smallest version of the system includes standard modules that are necessary for common operations of the retail business and the potential additional modules provide an extension focusing on the particular requirements of a specific company.

Obchodník and technical facilities of the businesses

The system Obchodník solves the variety of retail businesses and different requirements concerning technical facilities by the possibility to connect a wide variety of equipment – cash registers, cash registers with scales, system scales, self-service scales, label printers with barcodes, barcode reading devices and mobile terminals for collecting data. The number of machines that can be connected to the system Obchodník is still increasing and it supports the modern equipment with new functions and possibilities.

Remote access

In case that the system Obchodník is implemented in a network of establishments with a main office, the connection of individual establishments is based on a remote access via the Internet. Working with Obchodník is then the same as when it is connected to the local area network. In case of a failure of the Internet connection, the functionality of crucial workplaces (cash registers, scales etc.) is ensured so that these workplaces are constantly fully functional – this is called local autonomous operation.