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Nowadays, with more complex technologies and faster network elements, network management demands also grow. There is a need to protect network against outside attacks as well as inside attacks.

Company data and know-how are much more valuable than they used to be in the past. You must carefully protect your data (production plans, information on internal processes, margins, customers, business partners, employees, etc.). 

Cyber security division according to phases:

  • Phase no. 1 - "Outside" protection
    • Includes set firewalls and antivirus programs to your network. These services can filter out most of the potential attacks that come from outside the company.
  • Phase no. 2 - "Inside" protection
    • Dangers coming from staff and visitors (deliberate or unintended sending of data, etc.). There are various monitoring and other systems to prevent this dangers. 
  • Phase no. 3 - Data backup
    • Protection in case of system failure (HW, SW) or external impact (natural disasters, etc.).
Jakub Rybka

Jakub Rybka
Sales Representative - PRTG & Cyber Security


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